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Gun fight breaks out in Bosaso, casualties feared

Wednesday November 13, 2019


BOSASO (HOL) - A deadly clash broke out in Bosaso Wednesday afternoon between local militias and state government forces with reported casualties.

Sources in Bosaso have told HOL the clashes flared up after the militias said to be under the command of Isse Mohamed Yuluh a known pirate leader tried to force their way into the town.

Yuluh has variously been mentioned for piracy by UN Monitoring Group reports.

The militias, sources said tried to force way into a checkpoint manned by Puntland forces leading to a gun clash. HOL could not immediately establish the number of casualties.

Sources said there has been disputes over a company called Puntland Development Group owned by businessmen in Bosaso.

The company has been contracted by the Emiratis who are running the Bosaso port under a concession it was awarded in April 2017.

There clan militias, sources said, argue they have been left out of the deal between PDG and the Emirati group.