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Ex-Presidents to meet Farmaajo amidst ensuing political run-ins

Wednesday November 20, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo is Wednesday meeting former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sheikh Sharif Ahmed following weeks of tension which has seen the opposition head to court.

HOL has learnt the meeting is expected to kick off at around noon with the recent disputes and political fights likely to top the agenda.

The meeting comes barely a week after National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) boss Fahad Yasin met Forum for National Parties (FNP) chairman Sharif.

FNP went to court early this month accusing the government of the Beletweyne travel tussle which saw the opposition leaders held for hours at Aden Adde Airport for hours over reports the airport in Beletweyne was not safe for landing.

The opposition leaders dismissed the claim noting the government was intend at blocking them from travelling.

A similar scenario unfolded in September 22 which saw Sharif barred from traveling to Kismayu to attend the inauguration of Ahmed Madobe. FNP is a coalition which brings together opposition parties among them Sharif’s Himilo and Mohamud’s UPD.

HOL has also learnt the three leaders will be discussing the roadmap for the 2020/21 elections. So far Parliament is yet to pass the Elections Bill which is a crucial component of the polls exercise.

The government pledged during an international donors conference in August to have the law ready by December.

Other items likely to emerge from the closed-door meeting is the ongoing fights between the Federal Government and the Federal Members States.

The Federal Government is yet to make known its position on Jubbaland after it first announced in August it would not recognize the election of Madobe and the subsequent government.

Madobe has previously extended an olive branch to Mogadishu for talks.