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Al-Shabaab ‘weighs in’ on maritime case, says will not recognize ‘any verdict’

Friday September 20, 2019

(TOS)The militant group Al-Shabaab has made its public statement on the ongoing maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia noting it will not recognize any decision from the International Court of Justice.

An audio clip supposedly from the group’s leader Abu Ubayda says the Al-Qaeda allied outfit will continue its war against Kenya and Somali leaders who support Kenya on the matter.

“We are against whatever they say about Somalia’s land and sea. We will not accept any decision by ICJ,” a suspected to be that of the Ubayda says.

Claiming that Kenya had ‘annexed’ Somalia’s territory before, the group called for ‘recapture’ of the ‘occupied land’.

The group which has killed many Somalis in its supposed ‘course for Somalia’ also accused Ethiopia of what it said was ‘control of Jubbaland’ and further pointed fingers at Somali leaders for ‘giving Somalia’s port to Ethiopia’.

The International Court of Justice is set to resume public hearings on the maritime case between Kenya and Somalia November 4.